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Kick Procrastination to the Curb!
Increase your focus, breathe easier, and get more done in your day without the overwhelm
From The Desk Of Jodie Solberg, CHT, CPRT

Hello there,

I’m Jodie, founder of Psyched Up Success.

I help high achievers just like you who need to cut stress, increase peace and joy, and lose the overhelm, so you can achieve greater success in all areas of your life.

*Manage your Emotions and you can Manage your Life*
This is a special invitation for professional women...
Who are tired of feeling stressed, overwhelmed and guilty, and want to get more done and make more money in their business without sacrificing their free time and personal life.

We both know there is a lot to learn in order to make that happen. Things like...
  • ​How to manage your time & energy
  • ​How to increase your productivity (aka get more done in less time!)
  • ​How to create customized systems so you can be successful being YOU
  • ​How to set healthy boundaries for your work and family life
  • ​How to live in alignment with your values and keep your priorities in order
Wow! Overwhelming, right?!

I get it because I know how you feel....

I was once burning the candle at both ends, trying to be everything for everyone all the time, and burning myself out in the process.

What I discovered was that all it took was...
A Focus On Staying True To Being Me
In graduate school to become a Clinical Psychologist and Hypnotherapist 20 years ago, I started my entrepreneurial journey just to pay off my student loans. Since then, I have built multiple very successful 6 and 7 figure businesses, but I had to learn some hard lessons along the way. Constantly on the brink of burnout, my body shut down and made me reevaluate how I was living-and working-in my life. I learned to stop trying to fit into everyone else's systems and expectations, and instead developed a process of creating specialized systems that I can teach you to:
  • Use your unique strengths and abilities to discover what truly works for you so you can stop wasting time being stressed and guilty about what’s not getting done
  • ​Create healthy boundaries to decrease stress while increasing harmony in your life
  • ​See where you are spending your time now, and where it could be used more effectively 
  • ​Enhance all of your systems so you have the exact, clear plan you have been craving
  • Perfect your brain’s elevated language to change negative self-talk and attract abundance
  • ​Create new habits and beliefs around your time that will allow you to make more money in less time, and have more time and emotional freedom to do what matters most to you!
Having Customized Systems Makes All The Difference:
Achieving success is a lot easier when...
  • You lose the creeping doubts in yourself and your abilities
  • ​You can stand up for yourself and not feel the need to people please
  • ​You can get through the day without stress, anxiety and overwhelm
  • ​You have goals that feel aligned with your values and know the action steps to reach them
  • ​You can clearly communicate what you want and have the courage to go get it
  • ​You have the energy to make your dreams and goals a reality
I want to do the same for you, without it costing you 5 years and 6 figures for graduate school, and without having to hit the burnout version of rock bottom like I did.

Yep - pretty exciting right?! Let me explain...


The Focus Formula is a 6 week high touch blended program, designed to support you through the process of customizing your own systems for time and emotional freedom, so you can finally beat procrastination & perfectionism and overcome your obstacles to success once and for all! 
Here's How It Works (The Meat And Potatoes!)
You will receive high touch support throughout the next 6 weeks-

Each week there will be quick videos and special assignments to work on each week. You can incorporate each lesson into your life and each lesson builds on the last. 

There will be 6 group coaching calls, plus 3 half hour individual coaching calls based around your schedule to make sure you get all the support you need in customizing your systems to your life and business. 

You will also get unlimited Voxer and email support throughout the duration of the program so that you can get your questions answered whenever you need assistance. 

When you are finished, you will know all the secrets to getting more done (and making more money!) in less time, and having more peace, harmony and abundance in your life.

You will also learn to get out of your own head and out of your own way.

That is an invaluable tool! 

Imagine how it will feel to finally be able to breathe, relax, and take time for yourself and your family, knowing that you are making the most out of the time that you have! To have the courage to go out and get what you want, without the guilt, shame, worry, and overwhelm of constantly trying to balance it all.
Here's Why I'm Doing This For You...
I am sharing this information with you because...

I believe that everyone deserves to be successful in all areas of their life. 

When you are armed with the ability to handle and reduce stress, anxiety and overwhelm, you will be able to be more present and enjoy life.

I know you have the ability to focus with intention so you can do more and make more in less time, and have the life you deserve. 
You are the one that truly has the answers inside you to what is making you feel stuck, and I can help you discover that and create customized systems that work in YOUR life. 

Once you are crystal clear on your values and how to prioritize accordingly, everything you do will align with them, creating more peace, balance and joy in your life.

A strong, confident, successful person can pass those skills and qualities on to the next generation. You cannot give what you do not already possess. 

You hold the key to your future...

And I am here to help you unlock the door to who you were meant to be. 
Here's What You Need To Do Next:
Set yourself up for success by getting the mentorship you need.

Put your past behind you so that you can move forward. 

Be open to learning more about yourself.

Surround yourself with the support of others on your same journey.

Be mindful of your time, thoughts, words and actions.

Make yourself a priority with scheduled self-care.

Practice gratitude and mindfulness in all areas of your life.

We will do this and SO much more together when you join me....
Here's Why You Need To Act Now: 
The longer you wait, the harder it will be to make the changes you need to improve your life and reach your goals. 

Stress, anxiety, depression and burnout have a negative effect on your physical health, and they accumulate over time. 

Poor time management and lack of motivation are costing you financially, every single day.

Overwhelm and chronic fatigue take you away from being present with your loved ones and in your professional life as well. 

Procrastination and other forms of self-sabotage are keeping you from achieving your goals and fulfilling your dreams. 

Fear is holding you back from becoming who you were meant to be. 

You are going through life as a vague shadow of your true's time for YOU to shine through! 
Here's Why It's Safe And Smart To Act Now: 
You will learn learn and grow in a safe, comfortable environment.

It won't take a lot of time out of your day/week, but you will see noticeable results in your productivity and ability to be resilient and handle day to day stresses. 

Every week's lessons are broken into bite size pieces to create your customized systems, and you will be able to revisit the steps as needed to tweak them in the future. 

You will have unlimited access to me for support throughout the process in addition to our calls.

There is a 7 day no questions asked return policy-if you are not completely satisfied after receiving your first week's lessons, just let me know and you will get a full refund.

You will get a very special deal by taking action and choosing to start now!
You're getting some AMAZING bonuses...
The Emotional Empowerment Project Course so you can increase your emotional intelligence to be more assertive, learn to set boundaries, live in your values, and be more confident (VALUE $997)

3 months in The Clarity Collective group membership program so that you can identify the source of your own procrastination, and learn to increase focus, change your habits, and open yourself to prosperity and abundance (VALUE $297)

Eliminate overwhelm so you can increase your peace and joy (PRICELESS)

Unlimited support and mentorship via Voxer and email (VALUE $997)

Templates and tools so you can create your customized systems (VALUE $1,997)

Six live group coaching calls with me to help you process through the information and ask any questions you may have (VALUE $497)

Three 30 minute individual coaching calls so that I can help you tweak yoru systems (VALUE $497)
Total Value: $5,282 
Reserve Your Spot Today For Only: $1997!
Time Is Running Out...
Emotional and Mental Stress is taking it's toll on your physical health.

Lack of healthy boundaries is wreaking havoc on your work/life balance. 

Being stuck in procrastination & perfectionism is holding you back from reaching your goals. 

Low self-esteem and confidence is keeping you from asking for what you really want in life.

Poor sleep, eating habits and self-care are draining your energy.

Making sure everyone else is taken care of before yourself is draining your motivation to fulfill your own needs and purpose. 

You're living and working out of sync with your values.

If you keep doing the same thing, thinking the same thoughts, none of this will ever will just get worse. 
Thanks for reading my letter today... 

If you'd like to take advantage of this limited time offer, click the button below before it expires. 

All the best,

P.S. If, like me, you have a tendency to skip straight to the bottom of a letter like this to find out what it's all about...

Let me give you a quick recap of what you're getting: 

6 weeks of high touch support to help you create customized systems to beat procrastination. 

Unlimited support and mentorship via Voxer and email.

Tools and worksheets to help you incorporate the information into your life, including a special values exercise to help you prioritize your time. 

Six group coaching calls, as well as three individual 30 minute calls, to help you gain the clarity and confidence you need during your journey to time and emotional freedom.

The journey to more peace, prosperity and harmony in all areas of your life.

Click the link to join me today and start doing the work to change your life for the better!
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